My Lai


We watched the horror on television,.
The screams of the dead, the dying, the burning
The jet fighter planes fell flaming from the skies;
We knew another brave American pilot was gone.
Drugs and social upheaval were our companions,
Napalm, mortar and rocket attacks turned
Terrified people into blackened stalks of what?
Landmines, machine guns, and  SAM rockets
Took their toll while we chatted and toked;
While we got high and watched the enemy die.
While we got high and watched our own die.
Our young warriors went to war, heads held high.
Our young warriors came home called “Baby Killer”
There were no parades to welcome them by,
No monuments erected to never forget them by.
They feared to wear their uniforms out in public
Because of all the thugs who would attack them
Right here at home on their own native soil.
And then there was My Lai!

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