The Road To Wellville

Having read a post on the most excellent blog, “Beetley Pete” about a film called “The Road To Wellville” I was sorely tempted and just had to include the following explanatory links for your entertainment and enjoyment:

The story about this most entertaining film is  —– ( RIGHT HERE ).

The Three-Minute trailer to the film is —– ( RIGHT HERE).

The most excellent blog by “Beetley Pete” may be viewed — ( RIGHT HERE ).

This entire blog post had its origins in a post I made on my own blog — ( RIGHT HERE)

Corn flakes cereals were invented to curb masturbation

Masturbation was considered to be one of the un-numbered cardinal sins in America in the 18th and 19th centuries.


When I first entered the Catholic Church as a convert a few years ago, I was informed that un-confessed masturbation was a first class ticket straight to the fires of eternal Hell.

So because of a growing public preoccupation with the ills of masturbation in the centuries mentioned above, the heinous practice morphed from a mental sin into an actual physical ailment that screamed for a cure.

Enter Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, a Michigan physician who was apparently very uncomfortable with the idea of sex in any form.

The rest is History and you can read this more-than-fascinating story —- ( RIGHT HERE ).

The sufferings supposedly caused by the act of masturbation included 39 different shades, nuances and flavors and the “Abominable Sin” was catalogued in detail in several books of the age including one by Kellogg, Himself.

I am a big fan of cornflakes but I discovered early on that in my case, at least, they did not exert the expected effect on my libidinous inclinations.

“Kellogg’s solution to all this suffering was a healthy diet. He thought that meat and certain flavorful or seasoned foods increased sexual desire, and that plainer food, especially cereals and nuts, could curb it. While working as the superintendent at Michigan’s Battle Creek Sanitarium, he hit upon a few different healthy eating ideas. Two became breakfast staples and one (thankfully) didn’t.”

Darken the text in Penscratch 2 blog theme

If the extreme light gray of Penscratch 2 bothers you, there is a way to darken it without making it all the way to “Bold.”

Go into the “Customizer” feature of your blog dashboard and find the place on the left of the page where you can work with the CSS factor.

Enter the following code into your CSS settings:

.entry-content {
font: ‘roboto slab’;
font-size: ;
font-weight: 500;
color: black;

The font, “Roboto Slab” is the default font for the Penscratch 2 theme so what you are doing here is making the font-weight into “500” and that should do the trick for you.

This doesn’t work with every WordPress.Com theme. Some of the other themes have their own peculiarities.

If you want to make changes to your blog in any other theme, I suggest you communicate with a WordPress.Com “Happiness Engineer.” The Happiness Engineers are always so helpful and patient and kind and they have helped me with a whole lot of problems during the past few years.

You can find a way to speak with the Happiness Engineers —- ( HERE ).

Lynchings and Racism in The United States

I could not believe my eyes when I went on the Internet and was able to find this kind of photograph freely and openly available to anyone and everyone smart enough to operate a computer —- ( SEE THIS SHOCKING THING). (WARNING! EXTREMELY GRAPHIC VIOLENCE ON DISPLAY)! —— Is the reason for this material being available so freely for the sake of educational purposes? I am still reeling from shock after having discovered these pictures. Somebody a lot smarter and better informed than me must have seen the necessity of publishing these. Maybe it is all intended to be a reminder of the awful things that happened and a reminder that such awful things must never be allowed to happen again. Is that it? What is YOUR opinion?

More banning needed

The claim is that more than 1,300 “Children” commit suicide with guns each year.

Somehow and for some reason unknown to me, this statistic was written by somebody who included “Children” aged 18-29. That doesn’t sound like “children” to me but somebody apparently thinks it does.

The real fact is that 71% of all suicides among “children” are by hanging. You know ….. “Hanging” as in “Get a rope and hang yourself.” (That kind of hanging.)

Question of the day then becomes, “Why can our congress not pass a law banning the manufacture, sale and/or possession of any length of rope more than two or three feet long in The United States?

I believe that such a law would save many lives throughout the course of a year!

Back to basics

Alright, Mommies and Daddies and little kiddies everywhere, Old John has taken all the “Bold” out of his blog and returned the entire theme back to the way it was when the web designers first put it out there for us to use.

From where I sit, this means that every word written on the blog appears to be some really light gray that is very hard on the eyes to read but that seems to be the way it is and according to the number of hits people are getting on this theme (The Penscratch 2 Theme) it appears to me that most readers like the “I can barely read the damned thing” format and so ….. here it is ….. right back to the bare bones basics.  Let’s see how this works out, shall we?

I have reverted back to the type size included on the theme by the designers rather than the much larger 22 pixels that I had been running for the sake of those who might have challenged vision and everything in the right sidebar is now being presented in its original “Gee, I wish I had a magnifying glass” dimensions and colors.

If this work out the way it works on a lot of other blogs, this new and improved theme appearance post ought to receive at least 30 “Likes” and maybe even more. I can guarantee you one thing:  If I do get a lot of likes with this new configuration, this is the way it is going to stay!

That frightful nasty runny nose

I hate being in a grocery store or anywhere at all watching people with runny noses wiping their snot onto tissues, their sleeves, their kids! Disgusting! But everybody gets a runny nose once in awhile ….. even me!

What causes this embarrassing and uncomfortable condition?

Could be all kinds of things but before we get into it all please read my medical disclaimer and help me to keep from being sued —- ( MEDICAL DISCLAIMER)

There now, I feel safe enough to continue:

You can see some of the causes of runny noses on the following website —– ( Mayo Clinic. Org)

In addition to what you just read in the link, I am sure that if you French Kiss a dog or something you can end up with a runny nose — or worse.

Here are some of the commonly suggested ways to stop a runny nose but like I said in my disclaimer, you need to consult with your own doctor before you try any of this stuff for yourself:

They say we should drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest, breathe in some steamy air, use a humidifier, try some saline nasal spray (If your physician approves) and take the proper over-the-counter medications (If your physician is consulted beforehand and if he or she approves.)

So what are some of the things that can cause a runny nose?

I should imagine that if you get into an argument with somebody about something and they punch you in the nose, you might end up with a runny nose.

I know that viral infections and common colds can cause them and I know that dipping your finger into powdered cayenne pepper and sticking the finger up your nose can cause one.

I am not sure that rubbing salt up your rectum can cause a runny nose because I have never tried it and I have never read anything about it.

I do not know the side effects of having a runny nose and I have never heard of anybody blowing their nose off their face but I do know that the more you blow the damned thing the more tender it becomes and that is probably the reason some genius invented the lotion-soaked tissue in the little green boxes.

I know that things that can cause runny noses lurk almost everywhere — on door knobs, kitchen and bathroom faucets and flush levers, grocery cart handles, other people’s hands when being shook, other people’s “Cloud” as they walk through confined store aisles coughing, wheezing and sneezing — even on produce they handle in the grocery store, canned goods that other people may have handled while having colds or the flu, anything that comes in a package that some sick inconsiderate fool might have manhandled before you come along and innocently pick it up.

When I am out and about during the cold and flu season I always make sure to wear a surgical mask as personal protection and I never touch a doorknob at a public restroom or any other surface in such places without wearing disposable gloves or without first wiping every surface I intend to touch with hand sanitizer.

I definitely avoid going anywhere near a sneezing, coughing, wheezing kid.  If I see a kid showing any signs of being infected with something he or she can spread to me, I keep my distance — as far as practically possible — even to the extent of leaving the building or the enclosed space entirely — Brats are notorious spreaders of germs and I don’t think any of them have the least modicum of concern about whether they spread their germs to other people or not.