Can Bloggers Increase Traffic By Posting More Often?

First of all, if you have blogged for any length of time, your blog probably has hundreds of older articles that are still drawing traffic. What you put on your blog stays on your blog until such time as you delete or erase it and the older stuff is always available to the Internet ….. so people will be finding the stuff that you wrote 7 years ago Ten or Twenty years from now.

But the question was, “Can you increase traffic to your blog by increasing the frequency with which you post?”

The answer can be “Yes” or “No” and it all depends on a few factors:

If you blog what the censors consider to be “Real Good Quality” stuff then you might see some increase in your traffic over a period of time.

If you blog what the censors consider to be “Less Than Ideal” or “Common, Mundane or Ordinary” material then you might not only fail to see increases in your traffic ….. you might even see declines.

No matter what you write, you are at the mercy of the electronic “Algorithms” that the big Internet giants have trained to sniff out acceptable and unacceptable stuff and they are the ones setting the standards …. not you, not me, not anybody but the “Thought Police” who have declared themselves the sole arbiters of what is and what is not proper material for the Internet.

So I think (My opinion) the answer is, “Blog stuff that the auto-censors will like (Good luck trying to figure out what that might be) — blog at least often enough so that people won’t lose interest and stop trying to find you —and never give up or quit no matter how frustrating it might be because, like the old movie said, “If you build it, they will come.”

It is a dog-eat-dog world out there, friends — but if you keep up the good blogging who knows where it can lead?

If you need some assistance in coming up with ideas about what to blog about you can always look at “Google Trends” and find out what most people are looking for on the Internet: — ( PLEASE CLICK HERE )

I have been doing it for more than 7 years now and I am not about to quit unless the government knocks on my door and tells me to. (If you are a small potatoes blogger like I am that isn’t really likely to happen.) (I hope.)

7 thoughts on “Can Bloggers Increase Traffic By Posting More Often?

    1. As time goes by you will find that your readers come and go on a more or less unscheduled basis .. but you will also not that over a period of time they steadily increase. It has taken me more than 7 years to get 700 -plus readers. The thing about it is, if you have one or two faithful readers who keep coming back then your blog is blessing somebody or helping somebody. You can add me to your list.


      1. Thanks for the conversation John. I do have quite a few readers who come back regularly. You’re right. I should feel blessed that I’m impacting their lives.

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