The Dangers Of Synthetic Marijuana

Coughing up blood is never pleasant is sometimes frightening and can be the sign of some pretty nasty physical conditions.

But according to some reports, there are some people in the Chicago area who have reportedly experienced some pretty nasty bouts of severe bleeding after having messed around with synthetic cannabis concoctions — substances gaining the affectionate title, “Synthetic Marijuana.”

Other popular tags for this “stuff’ are: “synthetic pot,” “spice,” and “K2.”

Some deaths suspected to have been associated with the use of this substance have been reported according to some reliable reports I have read.

I do not know about the rest of the world, but it always seems to me that whenever something appears on the scene and becomes popular among a select group of “users”, somebody somewhere finds a way to synthesize it and in this case, I am guessing that the synthesizing process might be causing a lot of problems for a lot of people.

Read more if you want to — ( Please Click Here).

If you have read this post hoping to find an opinion from me, forget it. I am not waxing political here — I am reporting something I heard about and something I thought you all should be aware of.


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