The Relationship Disintegrated Quickly

Back in 1977, my Wife came home with these two really sweet little poodle dogs and immediately affectionately named them, “My Babies.”

She coddled those mutts almost as much as if they had been real children. I mean she did everything in the world she could do to spoil them both rotten.

She succeeded! They both became spoiled rotten.

When I would yell at the dogs because they had chewed the leg off my favorite chair, she would become angry and defensive and say to me, “Don’t yell at my babies like that! You are frightening them!”

When “Her Babies” were eating the furniture or chewing the cords to the TV or crapping in the corner of the room, I felt a little more like doing something more inventive than simply “Yelling” at them.

But my wife was always there with her instant and spirited defense of “Her Babies.”

One day, the “Babies” managed to get her hearing aids off a dresser on which she had laid them in her bedroom —- and they chewed the $800 hearing aids to bits and scattered the pieces all over the room.

Suddenly her “Babies” took on some new names that I cannot repeat here on this family-oriented blog and the last words I heard her say about “Her Babies” were, “Get rid of these damned dogs! They’ve eaten my expensive hearing aids and I want them out of here now!”

It’s amazing how small little things that happen can change our attitudes in an instant of time, isn’t it?



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