Above the flood

I walk somewhere where I know not nor have ever been
And I walk not alone but with whom I do not know
Yet there is a friendliness to my unseen companion
And I feel confident in the things that we can share.

In the distance, on the horizon, yet close at hand…
Many darkened structures with doors and windows,
Blackened with age as shadows of a foreign night
Uninhabited yet in each window a glowing light.

And now behind me and beside me the river rises
Behind me the floods do increase and encroach
And I bid my companion to accompany me

To climb upon the tallest of the darkened houses.

And so we do climb carefully placing each step
Seeking something to cling onto to steady us
To prevent us from falling into an abyss below
And where we are and where we have been
We have yet to discover, yet to know.



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