Yes, Cats Are Terrified Of Cucumbers!

One of the most asked questions on Google is, “Why are cats terrified of the common little green cucumber?”

Pixabay Image

First of all, let me admit that I never knew this.  I had no idea cats are afraid of something as mundane as the ordinary grocery variety cucumber.

Some people think the reason the cats are terrified of cucumbers is because the cats probably think the vegetable is some kind of green snake and snakes are terrible cat predators!

Some people think the cats are afraid of the cucumbers because the cucumber suddenly appears without making any noise and seems to be “Sneaking Up” on the cat and cats hate being sneaked upon by anything or anyone.

I can attest to the truth of that because I still bear the scar in my left thumb from a bite that my Persian, “Footsie” gave me when I jumped on him while he was sleeping.

Here — in the words of a news commentator from a long time ago — is “The Rest Of The Story” —– ( Please Click Here.)


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