Journal: 4/11/2018

April 11, 2018

I got out of bed this morning and turned on my computer and found out that “This location is not available” and that I am to check my hard drive or try to start the computer up again.  My immediate thought was, “OMG, the computer has worn out and now I am going to have to take it to the shop to have it repaired. I hate the idea of taking the computer to a shop because there are so many stories out there about how computer repair people are storing porn on customer computers and breaking links and getting people into trouble and what have you.  But when I restarted, the computer went through its motions and came up alright.  I don’t know what the problem was but it was scary there for a few minutes.

I went with my friend, Jim, to the eye doctor yesterday.  He was sweating the possibility that the eye doctor was going to find some progression in his cataracts and that he would have to have eye surgery.  At our advanced age, both Jim and I hate the idea of having any kind of surgery.  I am especially fearful of going under an anesthetic of any kind because there are so many stories out there about unqualified people administering anesthetics to surgery patients and there is so much that can go wrong.  Long story short: Jim did not have to have eye surgery.  The eye clinic made an adjustment to the strength of his lenses and that was the whole kit and kaboodle.  Jim was so relieved!

After the eye doctor, we ended up in the “Home To Home” consignment store looking at easy chairs and collector glass and paintings (Art).  We noted that they had changed a lot of things about their store since the last time we were there and it seemed to me they had a lot less inventory than originally.  My thought was, “Either they are turning over their inventory really quickly or their business is way down from the last time I was there.”

The weather got a little warmer yesterday as the thermometer hit 51-degrees F for the first time this year.  The grass on our expansive front lawn is greener than a lizard now and growing like weeds.  We called the grass-mowing guy that has done this lawn for the past 40 years and he is coming sometime tomorrow morning for the first cutting of the year.  The outfit that provides the “Keep The Lawn Green” spraying service called too.  They will be coming out to spray the lawn for bugs since we have had an abnormally wet season so far.  They wanted to do our trees too but the joke is on them because we had most of the trees removed last year and there is only one left … all by itself.

A single solitary little squirrel appeared near the trunk of our tree yesterday and was sitting on its haunches giving Jim and me all the Hell it could muster!  I don’t know what the little squirrel was complaining about but I will wager it is because he misses the other trees that used to be out there in that front yard.  I would like to keep a squirrel as a pet but they are considered to be “Exotic” animals where I live and it is illegal to keep them as pets.  Also, I understand they love to jump on people who try to keep them as pets and their claws are very sharp and they can inflict some injuries without really intending to do so — and they are prone to bite from time to time — playfully but sorely!

On checking my bank accounts yesterday I saw that my monthly disbursements had been auto deposited and that was a good feeling. I remember the days — back just after my bankruptcy in 1978 — when I would discover at the end of a month that I was Three or Four hundred dollars in the red on my hank accounts and today there are thousands of available dollars and I never have to worry about over-drawing again.  Time has a way of healing things and I am definitely not eating cold pork and beans out of tin cans under city bridges anymore!

The time right now is 3:56 in the morning and the reason I am up and journalling is because I have a sinus headache.  I will lay back down in a minute or two and see how it goes. Getting old is a bitch and there are all kinds of little annoyances to deal with but I am still glad to be on the right side of the sod regardless of some of the little inconveniences.

5 thoughts on “Journal: 4/11/2018

  1. I used to know some people who had a ‘pet’ squirrel. They found it abandoned as a youngster, and kept it in a rabbit hutch. But it never got tame, and would bite them any chance it got. They eventually released it on Wimbledon Common.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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