My Opinions About Tipping

I have a new attitude about tipping servers in restaurants and other service people.


I used to give them all a standard 20% of the bill regardless of whether or not I liked their service.  I thought it was just plain classy just to leave a tip — but I always wanted it to be the generally-accepted standard tip as ordained by common practices.

My new attitude is that I always tip servers whose service I appreciate an amount equal to the proposed minimum wage ….. an amount that is usually somewhere around Fifteen dollars ($15 USD.).

But in order to get a tip from me at all, servers have to do what they are being paid to do.  They have to please me!  Their service has to be outstanding.  The food they bring to me has to be hot, fresh and delicious.

If the person who is charged with serving me does nothing more than deliver my food and then disappear from view not to be seen again, they are not going to get a dime in gratuities from me.

If I have to chase them down for extra coffee or a glass of water or anything else like that, they don’t get a dime in tips.  They have to come around once in awhile and ask me, “Can I do something else for you, sir?”  I do not pay for shoddy service and I darned well never pay for slipshod service!

I have never failed to pay for a service rendered but to pay extra for something when the service or the product is substandard is egregious to me and I simply refuse to do it.


6 thoughts on “My Opinions About Tipping

  1. Tipping has always been my quirky peeve as well. The original intent was to reward good service. Then as time went on business owners would use tipping to “enforce” their waitresses to provide good service by paying them less of a wage. That meant the customer is supposed to now feel some guilt for not tipping, or not tipping to scale, because the waitress was making a crap wage. Now.. the idiocy… the cooks and busboys are jealous that the waitresses get good tips and they are making a similar crap hourly wage. So many places now force the waitresses to split their tips with the rest of the staff.. that do nothing toward providing personal service to the customer. The owners are the one getting by on the cheap by not paying the kitchen staff a more applicable wage.. and making it up with the splitting of the tips. In the meantime.. the customer is supposed to now feel guilty for not tipping.. or tipping low.
    I have often asked the waitress if she is required to split the tip.. and then I try to sneak it to her on the side. If it’s split, I tend to tip low. I just hate being used like that as a customer.

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    1. Like yourself I always ask the same question about the splitting of tips and I let it be known that I do not tip at all in establishments where splitting tips is the rule.


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