Friday, April 13, 2018 —— Oh well, “Cast your bread upon the waters” and see what returns unto you.  It is Friday the 13th so be careful where you throw your used banana peels today and watch out for the idiots who throw theirs.

I notice there are now 775 followers to this blog and I am so desperately grateful for those wonderful faithful folks that I could crap cement pellets —– and I kid you not! So thank you for your loyalty!  It is much appreciated by this common, useless, lonely old man with a blog.

Rules were made to be broken so I am breaking some rules of blogging this morning and I know I am going to pay a price for it because I am about to piss off some of the electronic impulses that keep an eye on mavericks like me and that is never a good idea.

I want to put my normal, everyday greeting here to the CIA, the FBI, FB, and all the others who like to keep tabs on what I am thinking and saying on this great “Public” pubicity we all call “Thuh Indernet!” ——-Good morning, guys!  I hope you are all getting off on looking at me and listening to me.  I wish some of you would talk to me sometime but I know you can’t.

I was watching old videos about Rex Humbard Ministries yesterday.  It seems like only yesterday that he and Oral Roberts and a few of the other great ones —– greats like Billy Graham—— were alive and thousands upon thousands of people were jamming their tents and burning up the airwaves attending their “Miracle,” “Salvation,” and “Faith” meetings!

It seems like only yesterday that I was a Hippie in bell-bottom double-knit trousers, wearing a hideously overstated neck chain with a Horoscope “Crab” symbol on it, saturating my house with Patchouli, Jasmine, and Amber incense and trying every way I could think of to get high off smoking dried banana peels.

Those were the days of “If it feels good, do it.” Some of the best years of my life.

But, if you want to be sane about it —— if you want to be educated and intellectually sound about it ….. every day is some of the best days of our lives because we are on the right side of the sod and a lot of other poor fools didn’t even wake up this morning.

Think about that for a minute.


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