Disgusting radio

I want to do a little bitching and complaining here this morning about trying to eat breakfast with a radio blaring disgusting conversations in my ear.


I mean I don’t mind radio —– in fact, I like some radio.

But in the past few years, it seems to me that a lot of radio stations have decided to have talking head programs, right at meal times, when the talking heads are obsessed about discussing such appetizing things as burned babies, abortions, afterbirth, bodily functions such as defecation or urination, how much gas the act of drinking a dozen bottles of beer before a flight can have on an airline cabin, decaying bodily tissues, details about disgusting medical operations and other such appetite-killing trivia.

You would think that some program manager on some radio station somewhere would have enough sense of good taste to prohibit such kinds of talk on the air when people are normally trying to sit down and enjoy a meal.

It is disgusting and I am sick of it and I wish somebody would do something about it!!

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