I have bought my last “Chocolate Flavored” anything!

“Chocolate Flavored” means that a product looks like chocolate, may even taste like chocolate, but by any standard is little more than a cheap imitation (knockoff) of the real thing because it contains so many “Other” ingredients to pull off the masquerade that it cannot legally be called “Chocolate.”

When I spend money for “Chocolate” I want “Chocolate/”

I am not buying the cheap imitation crap ever again!

Author: John

There's nothing to tell. I am just eccentric and interesting! I publish the following blog on Blogspot if you are interested: https://americanliberaltimes.blog/

2 thoughts on “I have bought my last “Chocolate Flavored” anything!”

  1. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    I am a bit of a chocolate nut. I am also amazingly disciplined.

    Most mornings I start my day with a couple of small pieces of candy. One will always be a solid piece of dark chocolate. Therefore, I read John’s post with horror.

    I wonder. Are there enough chocolate fanatics? Would it be safe to lynch people who sell imitation chocolate?


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