It isn’t always your neighbor on the phone

Telephone crooks have gotten smart lately.  They can even make the number appearing on your caller ID device look like a local call when, in fact, it might be coming from several states distant from you or from some overseas place.

Pixabay Image (Creative Commons)

The idea according to the crooks, is to get you to pick up and answer the call.  Many times, if the number looks local or familiar, the consumer is more likely to answer the call.

This has been happening to me a lot.  I used to have a call answering service but now that I no longer have the call answering service, the crooks have a better chance to fool me with their deceptive practices.

Some scammers have gotten so smart at deceiving people they are now able to spoof (Imitate) many of the digits of your own telephone number or that of a friend or relative.

This crooked procedure has come to be known as “Neighbor Spoofing” and the crooks are using it a lot more often these days.  This means that everybody who intends to answer their phone when it rings needs to be extra vigilant in looking at the number on their caller ID to make sure every digit is the digit that it needs to be.

These problems have gotten so bad in the area where I live that I have instructed all my friends and relatives to let their calls go to my automatic answering service so that I can hear their voice and know for a certain that it is really them calling me …. and not some crook.

People used to advise me to register my telephone number with the “Do Not Call” registry but I have done that a number of times without any real results because apparently a lot of the crooks have found ways to get around the registry and get to me anyway.

You really need to read the following if you have the problem — ( CLICK HERE).



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