McConnell won’t put legislation on floor

There are reports that Senator Mitch McConnell has declared that he will not put any legislation onto the Senate Floor to protect Special Counsel, Robert Mueller from being fired by the President because, as Mr. McConnell has either said or suggested, he does not believe the President will fire the special counsel.

That’s all well and good …. all that “Let’s pass special legislation in the congress to make it harder for the President to fire the special counsel” crap but I have a few ideas about “Special Legislation” myself and here is one of them:

My idea is, “Let’s place special legislation on the floor of the Senate to make damned sure President Trump doesn’t fall prey to the very obvious intentions and desires of the American Leftist Political Machine to get him impeached by any and all means available and necessary.

I think, given the egregiously idiotic nature of the Leftist probes (Probes that are not based in any hard evidence of any collusion that I am aware of) it is the President of The United States who is in need of “Special” protective legislation.

So, if we are going to pass special legislation to protect the special counsel from getting fired for doing his job, then let us also pass special legislation to make sure the President can continue doing his.

9 thoughts on “McConnell won’t put legislation on floor

  1. John, John… Let’s assume for a tiny bit of imaginative moment that all the nation’s liberals are in cahoots to make Mueller find any old thing to pin on Trump… it still has to be proven in a court of law… and if you think the courts are crooked, even with all the conservative judges, then maybe you’d feel better in another country.
    Besides all that… there’s way enough to impeach Trump as it is because “high crimes and misdemeanors” can mean anything the House wants it to mean; it’s not a legal application.. it’s performance based. They don’t need to wait for Mueller for a reason to impeach. But.. yeah.. when the bums are thrown out at the mid terms.. impeachment might be a reality.

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    1. The old “If you don’t like America, there is always another country where you could live” is one of the oldest, tritest and lamest of Liberal dodges. I am surprised that somebody as smart as yourself would resort to using it.


      1. Not sure how it’s a dodge… and in fact, I suggested it as an alternative if you don’t believe in our court system.. given that’s the essence of our democracy, and if you have difficulty believing in that much then you might consider your health and move to a place of less stress and more suited to your governmental preference. I was only thinking of your health and welfare, John. 🙂

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        1. The court system is corrupt and many judges in the lower courts think they have become the Legislative Arm of the government and are acting like it and need to be impeached and replaced so we can have less activism on the benches and more constitutionality in the decisions. No, I don’t believe in the system as it stands because like the Libtards of this world, the system is broken! Unlike the Libtards of the world, though, the court system can be repaired.


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