Well, it looks like some nutcase who doesn’t approve of me has marked all my attempts to comment on his blog as “Spam” causing everything I write to be rejected totally. That is kind of sad because I have never done that to anybody else as long as I have been blogging because even if I think somebody is totally nuts, their comments are always welcome on my blog as long as they are done decently, legally and in good courtesy and respect. Oh well … too bad!  Onward!

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  1. John, if you mean Doug, we are all having the same issue. There is something wrong with his blog, and he is trying to sort it out with Jetpack. He hasn’t marked you or anyone else as Spam but the connection between his .com and WordPress has developed a glitch.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I appreciate your comment even though I hope you will explain it further for me please. By the way, are you also a fan of Dr. Sheldon Cooper on “Big Bang Theory?”


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