We need to send letters of congratulations

Via: Daily Mail

Every freedom-loving American ought to sit right down, right now, with their computers and their smart phones, and send letters of congratulations to the mayors of every so-called “Sanctuary City” in America and thank them for their patriotic spirit and their great concern for the safety and security of all our citizens!

According to most reports I have seen, two-thirds of the 142 suspected members of M13 Gang members were released from Immigration Customs Enforcement authorities’ concerns and were released, free as birds, right back into the population in the State of California.

This is very nice on the part of our sanctuary cities. It goes a long way toward protecting our own citizens. (Can you sense the tongue stuck to the inside of my cheek?)

While I am writing what I think is an important blog post, I would like to make an unrelated suggestion of my own:

I think that there ought to be a new law passed stating that every legal American Citizen who has attained the age where most rapes occur can legally carry a gun for their own protection and that the government should provide the training for weapons use and safety free of charge.

Admittedly, my last paragraph was concerned with Second Amendment rights and has nothing to do with the paragraphs that preceded it.

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