The man in the car was not dead

Recently I have gotten a bug that I have never experienced before and as a result I ordered a few things from The United Arab Emirates to give them a try.

One such item is a bath soap that is made on the West Bank of The Jourdan River, a soap from a recipe that dates from the 10th century.  The soap is very mild, has olive oil as its base and leaves me feeling cleaner than any soap that I have tried in years.

Another such item is Turkish sun-dried dates — very tender, sweet, mild and have never been “Softened” by any oil. I am loving these giant dates. I also got some figs from the same region and they are just as delicious!

Lastly — being a cologne aficionado, I could not resist the temptation to order some vials of a fragrance called “Kings Of Oudh”.  I have become very fond of the “Oudh” scent of late and first discovered it on the Amazon website under the brand name, “Tom Ford.”

Notice: I am not being compensated for mentioning any brand name or product here on this blog. I am simply sharing my opinions about them because I have tried them and liked them.

Today, for lunch, I am going to make the Mediterranean “Hamburger” sandwich that I mentioned in a recipe the other day. We will see how those turn out. ( HERE )

My friend, Jim and I went to Skyline Chili yesterday and ordered 5-way chili on spaghetti and it was just as good as it has been in the past more than 60 years that I have been eating it and the people at the restaurant treated us as if we were family.  This warmth from restaurant staff at Skyline Chili is part of a tradition that began with their first store and has persisted ever since. I love going there!

After dining at the chili parlor, my friend, Jim, and I went over to the adjacent shopping mall and walked pretty much all over the place observing the number of stores that have shuttered their doors forever. American Retail is in a decline right now because of the rise of online shopping. Even I have taken to buying a lot of what I want on the web because it is more convenient, deliveries of merchandise are fast, prices are reasonable for the most part and I can sit here at the computer, order what I want to order and never have to worry about some fool shooting me at the mall. It’s a win-win for me.

Yesterday, I happened to look out the window of my living room and noticed a car across the street with some guy in it — and the man looked as though he was sleeping in his car —- which is not unusual around here. (The neighborhood was once upscale and has been on the slide for a few years now).

Neither the car or the individual in it moved for the space of an hour so I went to investigate and see if the guy was sitting dead in his car or something.

He had a window down and was slumped over in his seat and looked pretty much like he was dead to me and so I called out to him, “Are you alright?”

After a couple of minutes, the individual stirred, came back to consciousness and assured me that he was fine and all that he was doing was waiting for a package delivery of some kind.  A totally “Nuts” answer as far as I was concerned. So I immediately thought, “This guy is stoned out of his gourd on something” so I excused myself and went back into my house to call the police but before I could do anything, he rallied and drove off somewhere.

That’s it for 3:45 a.m. in the morning, folks. I will be back later if I can think of anything else to blog about.



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