The blue jay that I want to make a pet out of has been coming to the back porch and getting the peanuts I have been leaving for him.  I actually saw him once today but since it is raining now, I cannot go sit out there and wait to see if he will come to me and take a peanut out of my hand.

I have been reading blogs today that have gotten as many as 32 “Likes” on a single blog post. Some have gotten as many as 61 comments too.  I didn’t know there were that many other bloggers out there. My, the things that a person can learn if they pay attention!

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    1. Yes, French bread will do the trick but there is another trick too: Take some prepared dry dog food (Kibbles) and cut the individual little pieces in half, soak them in warm water for 45 minutes and offer them to the birds. The birds go nuts over this softened dog food and some people can actually feed them out of their hands with this stuff. I am going to try that when the weather gets a little clearer.

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