Another hamburger


Nobody loves a good hamburger sandwich more than I do. So lately I have been messing around with my hamburger sandwich recipes again.

The hamburger I made for myself and my friend, Jim, today was simple enough and very delicious and satisfying.

It starts with browning a pound of good-grade ground beef chuck in a skillet on the top of the cooking stove and making sure to keep the hamburger separated into very small grains as it cooks (Requiring constant action with a spatula to keep the hamburger chopped up as it cooks.).

Once the ground beef is browned ( about 7 minutes on medium heat), remove it from the stovetop and drain the liquid off into another container for disposal and put the ground meat into a bowl. (The meat will be very loose in consistency.).

Sautee a medium well-chopped sweet onion in some butter — again on the stovetop —- until the onion is tender and translucent.

Combine the onion and the meat in the bowl.

Using a seasoning salt, gently season the meat and onion mixture to taste, stirring the seasoning well into the mixture. (Taste test it to get it to the proper level of seasoning.). I think about a quarter of a teaspoon of the seasoning salt to a pound of cooked meat and onion should be quite enough.

You might wish to stir half a cup of good shredded cheddar cheese into the meat and onion mixture but this is optional.

Stuff two pieces of Pita bread with 4 ounces each of the meat and onion mixture (This makes two sandwiches). Each sandwich will contain 4 ounces of the meat and onion mixture.

Once I have done this, I like to insert a slice of fresh sweet onion into the sandwich between the meat mixture and the pita bread — inside the pocket of the pita bread.

You might also want to do the same thing with a slice of fresh red tomato. It is all a matter of what appeals to you at this point.

Once the ingredients are stuffed into the pita pocket bread, put both of the sandwiches on a microwave safe plate and put into the microwave at high heat for approximately 15 -20 seconds (Just enough to warm the sandwich through.).

What you end up with is what some people used to refer to as “Loose Burgers” and I can tell you that I enjoy these tremendously.

If you appreciate good beer, you might find — as I have found — that these hamburgers are excellent accompaniments for a good bottle of a favorite brand of beer.

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