The blare of daily living —— the noise —— the confusion —– the screaming and bitching about everything —– the hassle —— the traffic ——- the smoke and pollution in the atmosphere —– there has to be something better somewhere —— or maybe not! Maybe we have screwed the world up now to the point where there is no peace to be found —— no solace ——- no escape except into the mindlessness of some electronic sewer somewhere filled with sex and violence, blood and gore.

Give me the long gone days when there were still little country villages surrounded by fresh, pure, green woodlands —— woodlands filled with lakes and streams —– ponds and creeks —— a canopy of trees above —— a growth of underbrush reaching from the ground to one’s ass.

Give me those lost woodlands —— where one could pitch their tent beside the gurgling little stream —– in front of the towering cliff —– in the depths of the woods —– alone with nature —– smoke from a campfire and the haunting calls of the wild as your only companions —– dare to plunge naked into the creek and swim without fear of any virus lurking in the waters —— run around the woods with no clothing except a deer-skin loincloth fashioned after the attire of those who came centuries before —— explore —— sleep beneath the start of the blackened sky with no other sounds except for the tree frog, the splash of something in the creek, a barking dog miles away!

One thought on “Peace

  1. We still have those villages here, John. I live in one, surrounded by woods, small rivers, and open farmland. Not sure about the camping though. That tends to be tightly controlled over here. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

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