Tell me the truth

What’s the use, really? —— No comments on the blog! —– Dry Spell —– think and think and think some more. —– try this and try that —– nothing seems to work —– rant and rave —- nothing —– write a poem —– nothing —– rave about the news —– nothing —– rave about politics —– nothing —– put up pretty pictures —– nothing —– crack jokes —– nothing —– face facts —– you can’t write —– your writing sucks —- you are spinning your wheels —- Seven years of effort —– down the drain —– what’s the use? One thing for sure —– spammers love me —– A few steadfast friends like me and stick with me —- Oh I am grateful for my steadfast friends —– do not get me wrong —– I love my steadfast friends —– I have a few —– I am grateful for the ones I do have —– but there has to be more to blogging than this —— Maybe I should change my gender and move to the Philippines or something —– that might help.

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