The not so silent rails


There is a river near where I live and over that river there is a high railroad bridge that was built in 1901.

The railroad bridge is very old and has seen a lot of history.  It has also acquired a number of ghosts as several people have lost their lives there.

One of the most recent fatalities at our railroad bridge was a very young teen-aged boy who was killed by a trail while walking the bridge with friends.

The train suddenly appeared and there was nowhere for the kids to run so the young man pushed his friends into the waters of the river but before he could jump, the train struck him and killed him.

Now there is a small flower-strewn memorial at the base of the bridge to mark the fact of the young man’s early demise. Some call him a hero and some are not so sure and consider the very act of being on the bridge in the first place as a fool hardy act.

Early in the morning of any day, if you happen to be down there at that old bridge, you can feel a “Presence.” The “Presence” is not threatening but rather peaceful.  It is almost as if some spirit is watching over anyone who goes down there — a protective spirit.

Some of the engineers who have operated trains over that bridge have testified that they actually saw phantoms of people walking across the bridge.

I, myself, have been down there as the sun was setting for the day and I could distinctly hear footsteps walking up on the bridge —- when no one was actually up there.

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