Why i never listen to radio at meal times

I never listen to radio when I am trying to eat because it seems to me like meal time is the time most of the talking heads on the radio are discussing such unappetizing subjects as detailed descriptions of people’s toilet habits, bowel movements, colon disorders and the like or they crack jokes about people urinating or body parts or burning bodies or abortions —– anything that seems to be designed to make somebody sick at their stomachs or make them get up and leave the table with their appetite ruined.

I do not know who is responsible for setting broadcast standards these days but whoever it is appears to me to either be totally juvenile or totally untrained in expectations and responsibilities of broadcasting to the Public and if this looseness is what composes the modern broadcasting standard, then for my part the broadcasters who embrace it and practice it can shove it up their asses because I refuse to listen and I refuse to send money to support their stations during their fund raising drives.

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