You blog readers out there like to leave “Likes” on blogs from the Philippines that post articles about the infamous volcano, Mt. Pinatubo?

Well fine then! —– Here is an article about Pinatubo for your perusal, enjoyment, imagination and comment if you please.

The Lynk — ( RIGHT ABOUT HERE ).

Oh by the way — for those who appreciate the psychic phenomena of today, I would like to predict that sooner or later Mount Lassen in California will go off again and cause widespread chaos. I dreamed about it more than Thirty years ago and it is about due.

The Lassen Lynk — ( RIGHT ABOUT HERE).

Did you know that America’s “Yellowstone National Park” is nothing but one enormously huge volcano just waiting to erupt and that most scientists believe that it is no longer a manner of “If” but “When?”

The Yellowstone Lynk — ( RIGHT ABOUT HERE.)

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