The last word

Today has been a good day.

Of course any day that I find myself on the right side of the sod these days is a good day.

My 80th birthday will be coming up on July 8th and I am utterly confounded by the fact that I have lived this long.  I am very grateful but I am confounded and amazed.

This morning I went to the gym and did 15 minutes of hard work on the elliptical machine and then went onto the recumbent elliptical for an additional 30 minutes. I was proud of a great exercise session.  I ended it with 30 repetitions of weight lifting with a chest extension machine using a total weight of 40 pounds.

Breakfast this morning was two fried eggs (olive oil) and four strips of thick-cut bacon with black pepper decorating the edges. This breakfast was enough to fuel my workout session at the gym very nicely thank you.

Having received my vials of “King of Oudh” fragrance oils through Amazon and having discovered that the oils were not as powerful as I had imagined, I corresponded with the manufacturer and was given the name of another different “Oudh” oil and so I ordered Three trial vials of that one and we shall see how it all turns out. I love the fragrance of “Oudh” (A distinctly Mid Eastern fragrance) and it seems to be catching on big time here in The United States.  I bought one small container of the cologne version from an upscale manufacturer here in The United States for something like $234.00 per ounce. It was good stuff!

I bought some Turkish dried figs at a Palestinian food market last week and though the figs were very large, they were also very tough and had to be soaked in some olive oil before becoming soft enough to eat easily. I love a small meal of figs, grapes, gourmet cheeses and Pita bread for the last meal of the evening. I am getting to be quite the homegrown nomadic type as far as diet is concerned. I have tried roast lamb lately but I have not as yet gotten to the point of goat meat. Maybe I will someday but not just yet. I understand that some Mexican dishes in tortillas are made using goat meat in certain areas down in Mexico itself …. but I cannot say for sure if that is true or not.

Pita bread has been getting a lot of attention from me lately because it is low in calories as compared to regular bread from the bakery and since I do love bread, I can eat the Pita and not be so concerned about losing control of my weight. I like the pita warmed in the microwave and dipped into roasted garlic-flavored hummus. Hummus is relative new for me — I went for a long time before I ever tried it —- but I find it is “Growing” on me and I guess it is good for me because it is really not much more than some kind of processed or fermented soy beans according to my best understanding.

I was doing dromedary dates for awhile but I have to admit that dates are a bit too sweet for my liking and so I am concentrating on the figs for the time being.

I discovered a new breakfast idea lately and I will share it with you now.

To begin with, you need to go to the search window on my blog and look up “Scrambled Eggs” (There is my recipe there) because this is a scrambled egg kind of breakfast that I will be talking about for the next minute or two. — SCRAMBLED EGGS

You are going to need a loaf of some really great “Artisan” bread — the kind with the hard crust and tender insides — and you need to chop off a slice of it that is just big enough to fit into a wide-slot toaster. Then, of course, toast the bread. (You can do it in some butter and on a skillet on a stove top if you do not have a wide-mouth toaster.).

When the bread is toasted you want to get yourself a couple of those really large brownish mushrooms from the super market and some small cherry tomatoes on the vine. These you will gently sautee in either olive oil or butter for a few minutes until they are to your liking.  Be careful because mushrooms cook rather quickly. I should think 4 minutes at medium heat (In a preheated skillet) should do the trick for you. You can tell when the mushrooms and tomatoes are done (Cook them together in the same skillet) because the tomatoes will take on a slightly wrinkled look and may have just a hint of brown forming on them. (Just a hint.) More than just a hint will be too much!

Drizzle some warmed olive oil (First cold pressed olive oil –“Virgin” only) onto the toasted bread on a warmed plate, place the scrambled eggs on top of the toasted bread, put the mushrooms and tomatoes on the plate with the bread and the eggs and there is a really great breakfast!

4 thoughts on “The last word

  1. I think fresh figs are the best option, when you can find them. As for the Arabic scents, I am surprised you didn’t find them very strong. When I have smelt them in the past, I found them very powerful indeed.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. I like a cologne that announces “Presence.” Back when I was struggling toward financial independence of a high order, I found it necessary to focus all attention on myself on many occasions.

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  2. In Mexico goat is called “cabrito”……..chick peas make a better hummus…….Medjool dates are not as sweet…..I love mission figs but the dried ones are a bit tough so I stick to fresh ones….

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