Ban The Vans

Ten people died in Toronto, Canada recently when some nut case from Armenia drove a rented van onto a crowded sidewalk and started mowing the victims down like fodder in a field. So how come there aren’t any people screaming and bitching and demanding that the government do something to prevent van violence? Where are all the voices calling for laws to prohibit the sale and/or ownership of automobiles, trucks and those deadly vans? I have to remind people that vans do not kill people. Why are motorized vehicles that are used by nut cases as weapons of mass murder exempt from prohibition but guns are not? (And knives) (and baseball bats).

6 thoughts on “Ban The Vans

  1. A simple hammer or screwdriver can be used to murder someone. Even a piece of wood or stone, easily picked up in the street. Aircraft can be crashed into buildings to kill people, trains derailed, or bridges sabotaged. We cannot ban everything of course. But guns have just one purpose. To shoot animals and people. I get your point, John, but there is no real comparison.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. The gun freaks will definitely not be able to find a comparison either. But I tend to agree to a degree. I think the only way to eliminate murder is to eliminate people and people are doing a fair good job of accomplishing that for themselves. The problem being that people multiply like rats!

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    1. If things go as they are going now, it will be the NRA getting banned and not the vans. Somebody has already discovered a connection between the NRA and Russia. I can’t wait to see how that plays out.

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        1. I would sleep better without the NRA too if I ever had any kind of interest in them or connection to them but I never heard of them until I started hearing all the gun crap.

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