Social media crapola:

I put something on one of my social media sites yesterday and in a few minutes it had simply disappeared. The stuff I have been complaining about all these last Seven years is coming true, folks — they are censoring shit they don’t like. They are taking the truth that people like you and I are trying to put out there for the world to see and they are shitting on it with their censorship algorhythms under the pretense of not wanting to offend somebody. We are witnessing the slow death of freedom of speech on these Internet places that are more or less owned and controlled by big-assed corporate giants with agendas that are probably designed for any other purpose except to serve the best interests of the general population.

Did I mention that I shit-canned that site? )(Sons-a-bitches!).

I see the “Media” are starting to back off covering the “Student Protests” against guns now and are starting to focus on the indignant “Teachers” who are going on strike everywhere because they are already overpaid for the lousy job they do as teachers and are bitching and moaning because they think they are worth even more money. Watch out, taxpayers, your property taxes are going to take another out-of-control spiral upward if these rogues win their case in the Public Arena — and if that happens, do not expect for the quality of Education in America to increase because the only thing that will increase is the paychecks of the teachers who love our kids so much they have decided to get greedy and strike for more money while leaving the kids without proper teaching — Thank God it is getting close to the time when most kids are on vacation from their classrooms —- maybe the damage will be minimal.

If I were king of the world and had all power in heaven and earth, I think I would be thinking long and hard about sacking every one of those striking teacher types and I would be looking into replacing every damned one of them permanently with college students almost ready to graduate or with immigrants with the common sense and basic talents to stand in a classroom and push some buttons on some of the electronic multi-media teaching equipment — or I would be some politician starting a big and noisy campaign to shut the whole damned “Free” (Bullshit Free) Pubic Education System down forever and make “At-Home-Teaching” a national priority and even a Law if need be!

If you think there is no Liberal media bias in this country then think about what happened the week before last in California where some kid organized a protest against abortion and more than 80 colleges and 200 high schools had students walk out in support of that pro-life protest and there wasn’t a single damned shred of coverage about the whole thing in any media at all!



7 thoughts on “Social media crapola:

  1. Life is better without Facebook, John. You are right to get shot of it.
    As for you being ‘King of The World’, now that would be very interesting indeed. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.


  2. You are right the- quality will not increase but then it has not increased for decades thanx to the massive cuts to educational programs……do not condemn all teachers because of a few bad….I have been telling people that about FB for years…..chuq

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    1. I am not going to condemn all teachers but I am going to say that the Education System as constituted and as administered today is obsolete and needs to be trashed — teachers and all — every shred of the pretense of an education system — get rid of it all and put something that works in its place. I don’t want to condemn teachers, I just want to get them out of the classrooms because their time has come and gone and we need a better system. I am thinking that if robots can serve up hamburgers at fast food joints, then surely as hell there has to be a robot that can sit in front of a classroom filled with disorderly brats and tell them lies by electronic means!

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      1. I agree it needs scrapping….but the reason it sucks is states that would rather waste money on worthless programs at the expense of education……the only lies kids get these days are the ones from their parents and from what passes as news on social media. chuq

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