Don’t worry about the immigrant invasion

The “Caravans” of “Asylum (Welfare) seekers waiting to cross the borders into The United States,claiming to be fleeing from dangerous gangs in their own countries, should fear absolutely nothing because America has enough rogue lower court judges more than willing to rule against the Trump Administrations’ efforts to keep America safe through Immigration Laws who will block the administrations’ every attempt to keep the caravans out and will make sure that as many caravans as can make the trip to the borders will be able to pass over with no problems whatsoever.

Nothing to see here, folks! The Liberal rogue judges have the future of America well in hand and are absolutely determined to maintain an all-inclusive open-doors policy at the borders regardless of the consequences to the country, the citizens, the economy or anything else.

You’re in good hands with the Globalist/Multiculturist idiots who sit on judicial benches and believe in their hearts that they are the true Legislative Branch of government.

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