Omelette Plus


Everybody has their own way of making an omelette just the same as most people have their own way of spelling the word. (Some like to spell it as “Omlett.).

I have several ways of making an omelette myself and this is just the latest and the greatest in the series:

(A)  Crack three large or jumbo eggs in a bowl and whisk them to a froth with either a hand whisk or an electric mixer.

(B)  Heat a skillet on a stovetop with one tablespoon olive oil. (Medium heat).

(C)  Combine the following ingredients to the eggs:

(1)  Two measured ounces chopped fresh boneless cooked ham.

(2)  One half chopped small sweet onion … finely chopped.

(3)  One quarter chopped small sweet green pepper.

(4)  One quarter cup shredded cheddar cheese. (I like sharp cheddar myself.).

(5)  One quarter cup finely chopped fresh white mushroom.

(6)  One tablespoon heavy whipping cream.

(7)  One full ounce of real fresh country butter (Not margarine).

(8)  Chef’s pinch of kosher sea salt coarsely ground.

(9)  Dash of coarse ground black pepper if desired.

Cook this mixture on medium heat until the eggs are fully set and this takes about 5 minutes most of the time. (Keep an eye on the progress.).

I sometimes remove the omelette to a microwave safe dish and finish it off with a minute in the microwave at high temperature.

When the omelette is finished cooking, I like to spread some chopped avocado over the top as a garnish — sometime a little bit of arugula too.

This comes out at around 560 to 620 calories and is sometimes big enough to serve two people —– depending on appetite.

The relatively high fat content is enough to keep me satiated until lunch time most of the time.


2 thoughts on “Omelette Plus

    1. The old “Saw” about too much cholesterol being ingested has now been disproven and it is generally accepted that the body manufactures its own cholesterol and expels any excess harmlessly through bodily eliminations. I do a high fat omelette because it is satiating a lot longer.

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