The Trump Problem

  1. President Trump’s election was an unmistakable sign that the American People are fed up with a government that cares little about the citizen and more about keeping itself in power.
  2. The Democrats lost the election, failed to coronate their queen of choice, became un-naturally enraged and obsessed with hatred, and will never ever accept the fact they lost or that Mr. Trump is the legally and constitutionally-elected President of The United States.
  3. The hate-obsessed Left now has a three-tiered plan to try and get rid of President Trump.
  4. The details of their plan are — ( HERE ).

“The last presidential election was not just another election of a president, Republican vs. Democrat. Donald Trump’s election was a movement, a clear sign that tens of millions of Americans are fed up with a government that only looks out for itself and a culture that is well on its way to oblivion. A government filled with rabid partisan politicians and corrupt career bureaucrats that plod along, ineffective, but comfortable in their impotence. A government filled with the types that are only interested in making their political adversaries look bad so they can appear to look good.”

So far their plan has failed and their frustration, desperation and hatred are only growing more and more intense.

Only time will reveal the outcome.


5 thoughts on “The Trump Problem

  1. I am no fan of Mr Trump, nor of Mrs Clinton, or Mr Sanders, for that matter. My take on it is that he won the election because the other side didn’t expect him to win, so didn’t try hard enough. So, tough luck. You lost, he’s the president, just put up with it. If you don’t like him, get off your arses, and vote him out in 2020. (Same griping here, over Brexit)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Jeez.. John. As soon as I landed on that link I thought I heard noises outside my door and men in swat gear outside my window. It will take weeks before visiting that site will fade away from the Secret Service algorithms. I had to take a shower.
    Why you going to places like that?

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    1. The whole thing is, Doug that even though you “Thought” you heard men in swat gear outside your window, there were actually no men in swat gear outside your window and if you are having those kinds of thoughts I don’t know what to tell you. I never worry about such things outside my window because there aren’t ever any such things out my window and if there are, then they are there for a good reason and pose no threat to me.


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