Is 90% Of The Human Brain Unused?

One could conceivably argue that the answer to that question is best resolved by understanding whether we are dealing with a Liberal or a Conservative when we ask the question and start to make comparisons.

Given the state of the world today —– a world largely created by the use, misuse, application, and misapplication of Liberal political principles —– one could probably conclude that at least a little more than half the current population uses no more than about 10 percent of their gray matter.

These would be the Liberal “Takers” as opposed by the Conservative “Makers” in any given social order of being.

It does not require 90% of a functioning brain to become and remain totally dependent on an all-knowing, all-present, all-powerful and all-generous Liberalized governmental form.

Common sheep can do much the same as that!

There are some scientists who are totally convinced that the processes of evolution that resulted in the human brain did a far better job of constructing the organ than a lot of otherwise educated people might want to admit. There is scientific evidence to show that every available scientific test of brain activity available today shows that when the brain is subjected to technical or electronic scrutiny, most of the organ does light up in the tests leading to a general conclusion that it is possible that all the brain is used and none of it is dormant for very long periods of time.

The problem with what I just said is that I cannot find any evidence to suggest the differences in the brain activity of the more astute and aware Conservative Mind and the more or less dormant faculties of the Liberally-inclined mental mechanism.

So I have to reluctantly conclude that both the above are more or less equal in their abilities to light up a scope on some brain scanning device but being equal in their ability to react with a chemical or electronic stimulus has nothing to do with actual intelligence …. as the state of our country now shows …. a country nearly destroyed by an onslaught of 8 years of unrestrained Liberal political nonsense and now in the midst of an attempt by Conservatives to undo the damage.

I have long believed that brain activity, on the whole, can be localized. In the Liberal conundrum, I believe brain activity is localized to and confined in the regions of the reproductive mechanisms of the human body — or in those areas that govern elimination of human waste products.

I believe that the brain activity of the Conservative mindset can be localized in the superior cortex regions of the organ — those areas of the brain closest to being like the force that created them in the first place — the Creative Force (Spirit) from which all created things have come over the eons of time.

So you can readily understand that regardless of which mental genre we are speaking about here if either or both of them use 90% or more of their brain capacity, you can see how the difference in outcomes of such usage has come about.

Good Question

If there was a mass shooter loose and shooting people in a building where you were or on a street or in a theater or in a mall or wherever — and if you had the opportunity to react in self-defense or the defense of other people — which of the following weapons would YOU choose? (Liberals need not reply because we already know where they stand.):


Cynicism Wins

There was a time in a land far away and a time long ago when I was the worst-tempered possible cynic. That was back in the day when I ate, slept, lived and breathed Liberalism. Back in those days of caustic blogging with the most vitriol and virulence that I could muster, I had scads of followers — many who thought like I did and a lot of trolls who loved to come onto my blog for no other reason than to irritate me and to try to provoke me.

Those were wonderful days of blogging because cynicism ruled the day and won all the arguments!

I drifted away from my cynical ways in a vain effort to become more positive and a nicer guy.

It didn’t pay any visible dividends and it didn’t do a damned thing to change anybody else’s opinions about anything at all.

I have been scouting around the Internet lately and I have discovered a sobering fact: The cynical blogs are the blogs that are getting the most readers, the most loyal readers. They are the ones that are growing the fastest and getting the most hits — believe it or not, it is true!


It is time for me to start being me again and to stop trying to please people by being the nice elephant in the room —– it doesn’t work —– few people care about civility or niceness — I am returning to my cynical roots!

There is no doubt that America has formed the national habit of cynicism. You can listen to any one or the lying propaganda mills on any radio or TV station owned, operated and copulated with by the Liberal element in America today and see exactly what I am talking about.

One of the previous pretenders to the Presidency of The United States once said that it is easier to be cynical; to accept that change isn’t possible, and politics is hopeless, and to believe that our voices and actions don’t matter.

Well he was right because it is easier to be cynical because everywhere we go in this country that is the attitude we encounter — cynicism. It is the American way. It is how America thinks.  The squatter in the White House was right when he said that cynicism is easy because cynicism is the essence of the culture …. it is in the DNA of every American.

My own Dad, for example, was one of the most cynical people I ever knew.  He hated everything and everybody and was quick to tell you if you got on his wrong side. One of his favorite sayings was, “The poor man can’t make it in this old world because of all the rich bitches!”

That is one of the main reasons I decided to embark on a life path that would ensure me becoming a rich bitch in the end. My Dad, the world’s utmost cynic (Hated rich people and Christians with a fervent consuming passion) — (Hated his neighbors, politicians, the Law — everything apparently — except for the cigarettes he smoked constantly like a chimney) — My Dad knew the score and he succeeded in Life because of his attitudes.  He died without a penny to his name and after having spent his entire working life working for other people (People he hated) for less than a Hundred Dollars a week — a lot less than a Hundred Dollars a week — more on the order of $35 Dollars a week.).

Americans are cynical about everything and they are citizens of the most powerful and most prosperous nation on the face of the earth and in the history of the world.

Cynicism suggests that getting involved in anything isn’t worth the effort.

I am going to try to change that view a little bit by becoming a cynic (To the best of my ability) once again — but I am going to be less hateful toward people — I have always been too hateful toward people and people can’t help being fools so it is not their fault and I should learn to treat my fellow Human Being with a little more dignity and respect even as I become more and more cynical about the world that surrounds us.

Memorial Day

“Memorial Day” will be here soon again and all the little flags will start appearing on all the graves of all the Veterans in all the Cemeteries around the country, and all the fat-assed hypocrites who make political speeches will mount quickly-constructed wooden podiums in parks and cemeteries to lie to the world about how the ultimate sacrifice of those who have lost their lives in service to their country will never be forgotten.

I know that “We will never forget your sacrifice” crap is a lie because there are thousands of forgotten Veterans lying in forgotten graves —– sometimes because all their families have long since died and sometimes because those who remain do not particularly care as much as they claim to care when the holiday rolls around again.

Memorial Day is also the day when all the people who belong to social groups claiming to be families will get together at some park somewhere for their annual picnic, barbecue or pig roast — or what the f**k ever — and will play their horseshoe games, toss their horseshoes and drink enough alcohol to get them as drunk as they dare to get, while all the while gassing each other with their endless, mindless babble about the mundane things of the world around them —- usually without an ounce of understanding of the things they choose to talk about.

I am sure there are exceptions to all the rules that I have just laid out but I am old enough now that it is hard for people to fool me with their phoney attitudes and platitudes and claims and I can see through most of them and I am here to tell you that most of the fools I have ever encountered or known who make a big deal of these kinds of holidays are totally hypocritical about it and once it is done and over with they go right back being what they have always been …. unconcerned ….. until the next Memorial Day rolls around again and becomes the excuse to pratice their gluttony and their alcoholism once again.

One of the most disgusting things I ever heard about Memorial Day was once when I heard some painted cow bragging about how she was a “Memorial Day Baby.” I guess that means she was born on the iconic holiday —- or something like that.

I bet this article will not earn me a spot on “Freshly Pressed, what do you want to bet? LOL!

Beet Juice

Can drinking beet juice actually help me lower my blood pressure?  I have no idea but that is what I have heard from people who are supposed to know what they are talking about.  I am going to ask my doctor and if he gives me permission to drink the stuff then I am going to try it.  So far the dietary changes I have made have been doing a good job for me and I finally got my readings down from the 180+ range to the 127+ range and I feel like that is a major accomplishment.  The good news is that the readings have been holding steady throughout the day and all the changes I made were involved with eating no white sugar at all (If I can avoid it) and no white flour products.  This is called “The No White Diet” and it takes some getting used to but it is something my doctor insisted on, so I am doing it.  Of course, you (Nor anybody else) should ever make any changes to your daily routines without talking it over with your personal physician first. See my Medical disclaimer — RIGHT HERE.

I’m feeling kind of proud of myself today.

I managed to finish eating dinner before my friend switched the radio on to some Public Broadcasting witch blabbing in minute and disgusting detail everything she could think of to say about breasts, breast milk, breast feeding, birth, birth problems and brats in general.

It seems like the Pubic Stations are the ones that have chosen to pick mealtimes to talk about the most unappetizing stuff they can think up to talk about.

I have had more than one meal ruined by that brain fuzz and I finally learned that if you rotate a certain switch on the radio console far enough to the left, the sound ceases to blare and peace can be enjoyed for the balance of mealtime.

Chapter 600

I find myself dreaming of offering to mop Mel’s floors and she consents but the problem is that Mel has been dead for years now.

Then there is the young man who appears and starts to escalate a confrontation with me and I end up throwing him through the glass of the front door.

I have no idea where this kind of dream comes from but they do come and I do dream them.

So it is time for the local Farmer’s Markets to start appearing again. I have to warn people one more time to beware of pseudo-farmer markets where vendors claim to sell locally-grown produce but in all reality they are reselling stuff they get from commercial middlemen and are charging outrageous prices. I have said it before and I will say it again: “Be sure you are dealing with local farmers who are selling their own home-grown produce because if you are being scammed you might just as well forget the overpriced farmer markets and go to your favorite rip off grocery chain. Some people are such gullible and innocent fools.

Are you aware — and do you even care — that 130 grams works out to somewhere in the vicinity of 4.5 ounces? Meh!

I am on my Third day of consuming ready-to-eat Lupini Beans (a.k.a. Termos) and I am still alive so I guess I will go ahead with the Fourth day.

I cannot believe that a common cheap polyester decorative couch pillow is more comfortable for sleeping than my $200 down-filled one — but —- remarkably, it is! Damn!

Blood pressure has been down into the 120s again for the past few days. The new “No White” diet seems to be doing it’s thing. Maybe Doctor Diddle Whack isn’t so diddlewhack after all!

Fathers’ Day is coming and I will wager that not one of my grown brats will do anything more than maybe acknowledge me with some inane mundane statement on some social media somewhere. I am now determined to cut ties with all of them. I am sick of being ignored! I have managed to instruct my attorney to make sure that each of these ingrates does receive One Dollar from my Last Will and Testament. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! (Insane laughter!)

We spent some time yesterday cleaning out the little house (Storage Shed) at the rear of our property. This is something that has to be done occasionally and I am always amazed at what I find tucked away in the recesses of that structure — things that I had long since forgotten I even owned and things that I cannot, for the life of me, understand why I ever thought to keep them. The local Veterans’ Recycling Organization is going to get a real haul this time around!

Well, folks, I guess this is a fair start to a new day. The time right now where I am is 3:22 in the morning and I am going to go back to the $1,000 sack until 6:00 am.