Olive Oil and Blood Pressure Control


WARNING! — Do not read another word of this blog post before you have read and understood my “MEDICAL DISCLAIMER” which you can find and read — ( HERE )!


I have been interested in researching the health benefits (Make that “The Alleged Health Benefits”) of various naturally-occuring and processed vegetable oils for possible inclusion into my personal daily diet —– after consultation with my personal physician of course.).

Today I am focused on whether or not I might expect Olive Oil to have any effect on controlling my elevated blood pressure for which I also take prescribed medication.

I have heretofore investigated the use of garlic and cayenne pepper for the same purposes and have been pleased with the results of my personal research into those two items. But that is another story entirely.

As I was looking into the question about the olive oil, I found out that the recommended daily usage of the stuff for blood pressure control is 40 grams which works out to a whopping 4 tablespoons a day which works out to a total of an added 600 calories per day which … in my case … is as many calories as in a standard meal that I prepare for myself.

So, if I decide to take the plunge on olive oil for these purposes, then it means that I am going to have to eliminate one meal per day which is an idea that does not sit too well with me because I am far too fond of food for my own good.

I think if I am going to try this, I am going to have to find a way to slip the olive oil into my meals somehow … and another thing that I am concerned about is whether or not this amount of olive oil might have some undesired extra laxative effect on my digestive system. I do not relish that idea either.

I am also thinking that since I already take a prescribed pill for the blood pressure and it tends to do its job very well, maybe I do not have to worry about using olive oil for my blood pressure concerns so much but maybe I could use less of it — making sure to include some of it in my diet every day — just as an added benefit of some kind. In this case my reasoning is, “Well if 4 tablespoons of the stuff is as effective as some people claim it to be, then maybe one or two tablespoons will do some good at least and  might be worth my consideration.

Here is what the website, “Web MD” has to say about the issue — ( CLICK HERE ).

Now, not to be outdone, I have also found a website that claims to give information about Ten foods that can help with blood pressure. Basically, they are claiming that the following foods are good for blood pressure:

Bananas, Beans, Spinach, Blueberries, Chocolate, Beets, Potatoes, Milk, Olive Oil and Oatmeal.

You can read more about that if you want to over at the following — ( CLICK HERE ).

I have to reiterate here, right now, that I am writing about things that I am researching for my own personal use and I am never suggesting that anybody else follow my lead. If you have read my medical disclaimer given at the beginning of this article, you should understand that already and if you do not understand it, then you need to read the disclaimer again.

Now here is yet another claim being made as to the efficacy of olive oil in the concerns about blood pressure —- and I am quoting from the link that I will provide following the quote:

This report reviews the literature for the effect of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) on blood pressure. The
report is the second in a series that summarizes significant published studies examining the effect of
EVOO on clinical risk factors for chronic diseases. The first report evaluated studies that examined the
effect of EVOO on blood lipid and lipoproteins; it also included information on olive oil standards and
quality. These reports provide clinicians with science-based information and practical advice on how to
advise patients to incorporate EVOO into their diet.

Here, then is the online report that I found the above quote in if you want to read the entire thing — ( PLEASE CLICK HERE.)

Now realizing that not everything we find online is always the best source for our information, we are predisposed to once again caution the readers hereof to exercise judgment and to discuss all such matters with a personal qualified professional health care giver before embarking on a course of experimentation such as I have done for myself.

4 thoughts on “Olive Oil and Blood Pressure Control

  1. You ma+y be on to something there….I use olive oil for just about everything….cooking, salads,and so far my BP has been pretty good except when I have high pain days then it is a bit high…..good info….chuq

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  2. I have used olive oil in cooking for all my adult life, John. I also use olive-based spread instead of butter. I never considered the extra calories, to be honest, as I am sure it is much healthier than using fats such as lard and pure butter.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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