Portent of things yet to come

There is a new denim blue jean trouser being advertised that calls itself, “Extreme Cutout Jeans.” You are going to have to see this thing to believe it and you can see it —- ( HERE ).

Now that I have gotten this far let me make a few personal observations about this proposed new style of blue jeans:

My first idea is that Guys will be forbidden to wear them because this is America where the very sight of a male ankle can throw moralist purists into an absolute cardiovascular event or a cerebral stroke — or worse. (Just try to imagine the furor that might ensue if anyone was to see the suggestion of a man’s “Package” underneath some concealing underwear behind that denim flap in the center of these “Cutouts.”

My second idea is that these kinds of “Jeans” will be ideal for “Me Too” enthusiasts who want to show almost everything they have going for them and then run and file “Sexual Harassment” charges against any man who looks at them for too long a period of time or who comments on how nice they look — or anything else like that.

I can see some “Me Too” broad running around holding a sign (while wearing something like these jeans) that says, “Do Not Sexualize My Appearance!”

I will give the designer of these jeans one thing though —- He or she or whoever it is, has a vivid creative spark and this could spark a trend that I would love to follow and see how it all works out.

I think if I was still reading the Sunday Scriptures for the church where I used to go, I would like to wear a pair of these on the pulpit. I am sure that would be the morning when the congregation would be paying more attention that usual!

2 thoughts on “Portent of things yet to come

  1. I suppose it had to come to this. With the trend for ‘ripped’ jeans becoming more and more extreme, this was always going to happen. I can only imagine how stupid the people are, who will pay good money for this crap. It reminds me of the old fairy tale, ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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