***Spam alert: iqra2095***

Beetley Pete has issued a scam alert — Please read it and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself.


For the past couple of months, I have been pestered by a spammer, with the blog name of ‘iqra2095’. I have constantly refused to approve comments and replies to comments from this blogger, as it is some kind of online company. It is posing as a young woman by using a gravatar image of an attractive girl.

Despite marking all these attempts as Spam, they keep appearing, mostly as replies to comments from my readers and followers. I keep deleting them and reporting them, but I fear they may now be going straight to the sites of my blogging friends here on WordPress.

So please ignore any comments, follows, or requests to follow from this site. I do not know for sure if their intention is sinister, or if they just wish to promote their product. Either way, this is just an annoyance, and should be ignored, just in case.

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