Trash sale day has arrived


Our neighboring community is holding its annual community-wide yard sale event today and I guess Jim and I will go yard-sale-ing. Jim is an avid collector of designer collector glass and I like to see what some otherwise sensible people are trying to get for their garbage. I have to admit, however, that sometimes I do get some bargains. One such bargain is the keyboard on which I am typing this post.  It cost me a dollar and is like new and works like a charm and saved me $40.00 over what I would have paid had I purchased it new. I am sure any HIV/AIDS germs (or worse) have been long since wiped off because when I brought it home I gave it several alcohol baths.

Anyway, every year this event happens, there are about 500 families who take part and who hold their own sales and it isn’t long after I start walking, I am ready to lie down on somebody’s concrete driveway and take a nap! (But I don’t do that actually even though I am often sorely tempted.)

I will never forget the one old broad who had a lot of magazines that appealed to me for sale at her yard/porch sale. On examining the magazines, I found they stunk with musk and mildew from being stored in a dark, dank basement or something but I asked the old broad how much she wanted for the magazines anyway.  I will never forget how I felt when she replied, “Oh, I guess a couple of buck apiece would be alright.”  I thought to myself, “It would cost you that much to have somebody haul this garbage away!”  Needless to say, I did not get magazines at that crap hole sale that day!

Yes, today is “Trash Sale” day so I am going to go to the bank and get a Hundred dollars in chump change and go see what I can find.


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