Things Old, Things New:
It may have been an accident or something but I got my first reasonable blood pressure reading this evening — 128/80.  That’s higher than some folks but it is alright with me since I was recently more than 160/90.

I will soon discover if eating a lot of celery is really good for my BP like some people say it is and I am even thinking of getting some celery extract capsules from the health food store to try them out.

I had oatmeal for dinner this evening in an effort to shed some more calories so that my morning weight will be (might be) a little more encouraging than it has been. (I also had it for breakfast this morning.).

One complaint I have about the new “No White Flour, No White Sugar” diet the doctor has me on is the flatulence. There is a lot of it on this diet! I am thinking of trying some “Beano”-style enzyme supplements to see if I can bring it under control.

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