I finally got the blood pressure down to 137/80 and that is considered to be “High Normal” and I am now praying that I can keep it there and maybe even bring it down a little bit more.

The Hawaiian volcano is still raging along and the scientists are saying it could stop erupting tomorrow or it could continue on for months and even years. I am thinking it will take a breather in a little while and when everybody is feeling safe and comfortable again it will re-ignite and come roaring back more vicious than ever. I know it is a stretch, but I feel like the Eastern Third of the big island might even separate from the rest of the mass and become a smaller island unto itself.

Today I started adding two tablespoons of ground flax meal to my morning oatmeal because I read somewhere that flax seed can lower blood pressure in hypertensive people. So far it seems to be working for me. They say that if I eat 4 stalks of celery every day I can achieve similar results. There is no end of advice that people can give and I have been getting a lot of it from caring friends for which and for whom I am sincerely grateful. Thanks, guys!

Here is a list of foods that people have told me will help lower blood pressure:

Bell Peppers
Blue Berries
Sweet Potatoes
Apple Cider Vinegar

I have no idea if the claims for these foods are accurate or true but I am going to try them all out and see what happens.

I have been using some incense in the house and today, for the first time, I read where the smoke from burning incense can be just as deadly and dangerous as smoke from cigarettes and that in some cases has been thought to contribute to all kinds of respiratory ailments and even lung cancer itself.

Who would have thought?

In any event, that is the end of my incense burning!

I set up my hummingbird feeder on a shepherd’s hook in a flower garden in my back yard today and I am hoping to see some of the cute little birds coming around for the nectar. In fact, I also bought a lawn chair so I can sit next to the hummingbird feeder because I have heard that if you play your cards right, you can actually feed them right out of your hand and if I can do that, then I am going to be a happy camper!

I also bought a bunch of peanuts in the shell today because I want to try my hand at hand feeding a blue jay too. Last year, I got a blue jay to come and pick a peanut out of my fingers more than once and the last time I tried it, the bird actually flew down and sat on my head for a few seconds before grabbing the peanut and flying away.

So if nothing else happens, I still have a new lawn chair and I can sit out in the back yard and take naps in the fresh breezes that blow so easily through my neighborhood.

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    1. I have been so sad since my little birdies died and I do not have the heart to take more of them in because of the heartbreak so I am going to try to play with the ones who live our in the wild of Nature.

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