Waiting for a birdie to come


I am waiting in my new lawn chair to see if a sweet little  blue jay birdie will come and eat the peanuts that I have placed in a container in front of me.

As you can tell, I am also old enough and fat enough that I am also waiting on God.

This is what happens when a man gets to be 79-years old and has nothing but time and money on his hands —— He does weird things like trying to lure a Blue Jay to come and eat close enough to him that he can talk to it and maybe even eventually get it to eat out of his hand.

Don’t call the white coats yet because there are some people in this world who have been blessed enough that they have been able to enjoy these little pleasures with the little wild creatures.

This is an especially warm day and I have to wear the breathable black long sleeve shirt to keep the black spots from forming on my arms because of my blood pressure medications.  If I expose my skin to the Sun for too long a time, these horrid black spots form on my skin. They go away after awhile but they are evil looking and that is why I am wearing the long sleeve shirt on an 80-degree day.


11 thoughts on “Waiting for a birdie to come

  1. That’s a nicely stacked pile of bricks behind you there, John.
    Is that grass real? I live in the middle of a desert.. so I seldom see all that green… except in old National Geographics next to the naked black female tribal natives. Oh wait.. that was a flashback.

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      1. Well, John.. you like leaving these little tidbits to your wealth and successful past.. but then close the door. I personally have an interest to your story… because personal stories interest me in general. I do have other persona’s that go beyond being anti-Trump.
        But, hey.. you can’t take it all with you so do something with it all and leave a legacy somewhere.

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        1. The only legacy I am interested in leaving is the knowledge that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior and that everything I have, have ever had or ever will have is the direct result of the action of God in my life — and no other legacy means a whit to me. But thank you for your interest. It is encouraging that other people might be interested in me. I am only human (Most of the time) after all.


    1. Our birdies are a little shy but I think that before the end of the season one or two will come and I will get lucky and be able to sort of pet them … in a manner of speaking. A couple of years ago I had a Blue Jay land on my head while trying to reach a peanut I had held up for him. He didn’t stay long but the claw marks did.

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