Scary and Almost Unbelievable

The pacifists and the apologists are going to cream their jeans over this one but if all sides of a story are going to be investigated and brought into the Public Light then this is one that a lot of people would love to suppress but which there is still time and the ability to expose — and I am always willing to do my part to bring exciting and thought-provoking materials to my reading fans:

This ought to stir the crap pot a little bit!

By the way — If you plan to read this article then I suggest you also take a look at the comments following the article and see what the People are all saying about it!

To be honest with you, I have no set opinion on subjects such as this one but I am convinced that Americans and the World need to have as much information about everything that might affect them and their futures that can be provided.

Now be warned — This is some mighty controversial stuff and there are a lot of people with a lot of various emotional states concerning these kinds of ideas — so this kind of article will, naturally, cause some people to sit and up and listen and will cause others to rankle and become indignant and get angry.

That is all part and parcel of the bubble and fizz characteristic of The American Psyche and nothing surprises me anymore!

Try to look at it this way: “If you are standing on a railroad track and somebody standing beside you says, “Nothing to worry about! That is not really a train bearing down on you so you can safely stay on the tracks. But even if it is a train bearing down on you there is still nothing to worry about because it will either stop before it runs you over or it will not hurt at all if it does manage to hit you.”

Here is one example of some of the comments that follow the article I have linked to:

Keep in mind the democrats are in sync with the jihadis, until their usefulness is ended and they face the knife

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