Great Progress On My BP Report

Just a little over Two weeks ago, I weighed 242 pounds unclothed, 247 pounds with my clothes on, and my blood pressure was something on the order of 180 over 90 and my doctor went ballistic and told me that I was headed for a stroke or a heart attack if I didn’t do something and do it fast!

He decided it was time for me to go on a “Real Food” diet — also called a “Clean Eating” diet — also called a “No White” diet. You can look those terms up for yourself if you want to but basically it means that I am not supposed to eat anything that is commercially processed and packaged or anything with white sugar or white flour in it.

Before I go a step farther, please read my Medical Disclaimer so that none of you who are reading this get the idea that I am suggesting that you run out and try something that I am doing for myself or that I am, somehow, suggesting or prescribing something for other people. I am not doing that. I am sharing what is happening for me so that people who are interested might follow my progress. So please…. read the disclaimer ( HERE ).

Today, at the expense of repeating myself, I wish to write down a list of foods that I have decided to add to my daily routine because somebody told me they are foods that can help me lower my blood pressure.

But before I do that even, let me compare blood pressures from Two weeks ago until today: Two weeks ago when I went to the doctor the pressure was over 180/90 and this evening at 5:54 PM it is down to 123 over 76. You can see that is quite a difference. I think that Doctor Diddlewhack would be pleased with me.

Here are the supposedly blood pressure-lowering foods that I have added to my daily diet: — ( and yes, I am eating these every day without fail and have been doing so for at least a week now):

(a)  One half a large avocado
(b)  4 stalks fresh celery
(c)  3 Tablespoons ground flaxseed meal
(d)  1 serving rolled oatmeal (cooked)
(e)  1 Tablespoon olive oil
(f)   A half cup or arugula on my salad
(g)  One ounce of dark chocolate that is at least 70% cocoa.
(h)  One glass skim milk. (Because I am not lactose intolerant.)

Since my personal blood pressure readings are remaining more or less consistent at a desirable level now, I am finished — for the time being — adjusting my daily eating habits.

If anybody reading this is interested in looking at a “Clean Eating” diet, here is a link you might find interesting —- (TYPICAL CLEAN EATING DIET)

Here is a link to a video where a physician discusses the advantages — ( HERE ).

Of course, like you read in my disclaimer at the beginning of this article, you must never make any changes in your personal routines without the express permission of your personal physician or other licensed, qualified and recognized medical authority.


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