Libertarian, Republican, Democrat, Independent — whatever! It’s all bullshit and most politicians turn into something other than what they should be once they become exposed to Washington and the culture that prevails there.

I wonder sometimes if it is even common sense for the American People to try to hang onto that old, traditional two-party political system because it has obviously been corrupted beyond repair and every elected official seems to enter the fray with the best of intentions but then becomes just another part of the establishment in the shortest possible amount of time.

What gauls me is that these politicians runs their big, expensive slick campaigns on what appears to be the most ideal platforms of service to The People but once they win their elections and get into their offices they seem to think The People elected them to think for them rather than to represent them. (Think about that for a minute if you dare.)

I think we need to deconstruct the whole damned mess in D.C., and start all over again from the beginning with something new, something different — something that represents the will of the people rather than the will of the elected.

A little aside here — Did you know that the framers of the American Constitution (There were 55 of them present at the signing) ordered themselves enough beer, whiskey and wine to sink a battleship on the eve of the signing of that fabled document?

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  1. I believe they consider voting as the will of the people……if te voter could think for themselves I would agree but these days to get elected all you need is a catchy slogan….wrap yourself in the flag while clutching the Constitution while chanting some slogan….the way of the elections these days…..sad that policies mean nothing. chuq

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    1. Most Americans — and I mean the bulk of them — have no idea about what policies are, what they could be, what they should be, what they mean — none of that — they are too tied up with their obsessioin over self-gratification and craft beer — and women — and one kind of deviant behavior or the other …Policy doesn’t stand a chance in the Public Arena.

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        1. The younger ones are trying to figure out how to make a few bucks by accusing some man of some kind of sexual bullshit. Women in this age in which we live are dangerous and we must take care not to become too involved with them. We could end up in court trying to defend ourselves against accusations about something we get accused of doing a Hundred years ago. Think “Black Widow Spider.”

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