Keeping It Real

I made a real mistake today! I went to the local supposedly “Chinese” restaurant and ordered some sesame chicken to take out.

When I got the chicken home and unpacked it, I discovered that it was well-covered with a sweet and somewhat tangy sauce — which is a good thing —– which was the only good thing —– and that the chicken itself was tough as leather — very hard to chew —– and stringy! Yes, stringy!

Two servings of this crap cost me $15 (United States Dollars) and the fried noodles that came with it tasted like the grease it was cooked in had never been changed in the fryer and the so-called “Fortune Cookie” that came with the —– meal —– Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! —– was —– stale ….. very very stale!

I will not be going back there again!

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