If there is one thing in this world that I absolutely hate, I would have to say that being presented with the choice of a can of cashew nuts — in a retail setting — where the label says, “Cashews with halves and pieces” is among my top pet peeves!

This is kind of like saying, “Here is a can of what is left of some ordinarily delicious nuts after our processing equipment has finished sorting and mauling and deforming a wonderful product and instead of letting you have them for a bargain price, we are going to put them into a can with a fancy label and a high price and make you think you are getting something truly wonderful for your money.”

There ought to be a a law. I think this kind of crap is akin to some condom manufacturer labeling his product with the words, “Condoms Pre-Perforated With Pin Holes.”

I do not mind, however, paying the $9 per pound for “Select” whole Jumbo cashews in a container that is absolutely guaranteed not to contain any nut dust or broken pieces.

5 thoughts on “Nuts

  1. I like (unsalted) cashews, but eat them rarely. I buy them in clear bags, where I can see all the nuts are as they should be. Over here, they are expensive, comparable to the best Salmon, in price by weight.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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        1. Go to the “Contact” notice on the front page of my blog and give me your e-mail so that we can correspond privately and maybe I can find a solution about the cashew thing.


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