Stepping Back

Minimalist journaling for awhile. Not feeling all that good these days. A little depressed.

In June I will be going to the Veterans’ Medical Center to have a cataract removed from my left eye and to have a piece of artificial lense implanted — and then to have some intraocular fluid removed from my newly glaucoma-laden  right eye — bummer! Weeks of discomfort and inconvenience. Is it worth it? Do I really want to do all that? Do I really care anymore, at this advanced age of 79 years, whether I go blind in a few years or not? Decisions, decisions!

I am finding joy in my Faith — I am finding joy in the fact that I am still on the right side of the sod — I am finding joy in the fact that my best friend and constant companion is still alive and able to do things and go places with me …… The experience of deteriorating is not pleasant but I should have seen it coming —– I should have been better prepared —— and maybe things are not really all that bad after all …… There are people in this world who  are a lot worse off than I am and I have to keep that thought foremost in mind so that I don’t go on too much of a big pity party.

The font that I am using today here on the blog is called, “Arial Italic”, and it is described as “An energetic type face designed for easy reading and is meant to be used online and in books.” From where I sit, it looks pretty easy to read — yes, I believe it is! I kind of like it.

I saw a single hummingbird yesterday for the shortest time. He fluttered down around some flowering ferns and was gone in an instant. I am hoping he will discover the little red feeder I put up in the Fairy Garden. No sign of the Blue Jay yet but there have been a lot of blackbirds and a few robins strutting around looking cute. I am going to pop up about a gallon of popcorn and throw it in the back yard today. The black birds dearly love popcorn and if I am lucky, I will be in the midst of Bird Land sometime today —– at least until the popcorn is all gone.

I have got to stop feeling sorry for myself and get out of this funk!


6 thoughts on “Stepping Back

  1. Well, I can provide this much to you, John… I recently had both eyes done… that is, the cataract removal and the implant. Not at once, of course.. but a couple weeks apart. The VA did mine as well. That part of your eye procedure should not at all leave you uncomfortable beyond your trip home. For me the procedure itself was a bit unnerving because you are awake.. uncomfortable but not painful at all. When he got into my right eye he said it was pretty thick and the procedure took a long time.. not painful, but really uncomfortable because of that cataract. A 30 min operation took 2 hours. The left eye two weeks later went according to plan. Given the end results it was well worth any discomfort.

    I cannot answer to the other procedure you are having. I do know the eye-numbing stuff they use works very well. Hope this helps.


    1. I am so grateful for the information you have given to me about your procedures at the VA! Thank you so very much because you have helped to alleviate some of the concerns I had.


  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling low, John. Understandable, when faced with medical issues. But I do think it is worth you going ahead with that treatment. Blindness is not an option for someone as lively and engaged as you. If you don’t feel like posting at the moment, rest assured that we will still be around when you do.
    Best wishes as always, Pete.

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