Is Loyalty To President Trump Somehow Disloyal To America?

I read some cockamamie suggestion like the headline title above suggests somewhere on some Trump Hater blog on the Internet —– Can’t really remember which one right now because I find all of them to be more or less worthless except for preaching to their own insignificant little choir of fellow-malcontents —— and I thought to myself, “Typical Anti-Trump, Trump-Hating rhetoric …… nothing more, nothing less!”

I can see how the headline I have chosen above might represent a sort of “Wet Dream” for the Trump Hating Crowd but there is no more logic in that headline up there than there was in the claim that anyone who opposed President George W. Bush was a traitor to his or her country —— and just after the horrendous attacks by 19 Saudi Arabian Muslims, it became fashionable in many pro-Bush circles to make that claim of “Traitor” against any American who dared even question anything coming out of the Bush Administration. I remember those days well.

Try a little nostalgia if you want to be fair in judging presidents — ( Click Here )

If you are going to get into the debate that constantly rages about President Trump between those who support him and those who hate him, then I think you are going ot have to take a minute and at least read this here — ( Click Here.).

As for me and my house personally, let me say this: “My investments have never done better under any other president, I am still not being followed by men in black suits wanting to see my papers or peering over my shoulder while I shop at Walmart, nobody has knocked on my door and demanded I turn over my guns, I can still walk freely on the streets and go anywhere I want to go and the only fear that dogs me on these forays out into the streets is the possibility that some of the immigrated scum brought into the country by the Liberals might accost me or harm me in some way —- No, my friends, the Trump Presidency hasn’t harmed me in the least thus far and since He (Trump) has had more than a year to do any of the horrible things to me that his haters have been suggesting he might do — and he hasn’t done any of them yet — I think I am on pretty solid ground with this president and I am happy with the decision of my Fellow Americans to elect him.

What I am waiting for is the collapse of the now-year-old, increasingly-expensive witch hunt going on in all the investigation bullcrap about supposed “Russian Collusion” being conducted by somebody that is beginning to look to me more and more like Senator Joe McCarthy. That “Investigation” has been going on for more than a year now and so far hasn’t come up with the first iota of evidence of any kind of whatever it is supposed to be looking for and the whole scene is becoming laughable! I don’t believe there is anything there and I don’t believe the Trump Haters are going to be able to invent, imagine or otherwise come up with anything that will stick and as far as I am concerned, they might just as well shut their mouths and accept the fact that Trump was elected and let him get on with the job he was elected to do.

I am old enough to remember when malcontents were accusing President Franklin D. Roosevelt of being a Socialist or a Communist because of his “New Deal” policies and especially because of such innovations as “Social Security.” The old argument of “Why should I give up some of what I have earned to support the lifestyles of complete strangers?” was almost everywhere back in those days.

Nothing has changed between then and now except the Hater Crowd has gotten bigger and information travels faster.

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