Comment Policies

Comment Policies

 I welcome thoughtful comments to this blog under the following general guidelines which may be changed with or without notice at any time:

As the author of this blog I have the final say on what gets published on this blog and what does not so, therefore, your comment has to be moderated and approved by me before it gets published on the blog. (Or before it stays published on the blog). I delete any comment that I do not like for whatever the reason. I also approve all comments that I like …. so … comment freely … even if you are an Internet Troll.Here are some of the reasons your comment might get deleted:

l.  You stick some kind of “Link” to your comment. I do not like links in comments and I especially do not like links to videos or photographs in comments. I have to approve any link that I see in a comment and if I don’t approve of a link I will delete the entire comment and there will be no argument or discussion about it! I have the last word.

2.  Comments that I consider to be off the topic will be deleted with glee by me!

3.  Comments that I think appear threatening in any manner to myself or other visitors to this blog will soon find themselves in the darkness of deleting Hell.

4.  Comments that I think are defamatory, libelous or slanderous to other people, organizations, groups of people or entities of any kind will never see the light of day on this blog for too long a period as I delete them the second I understand what they are. I am the only one who can throw rocks at other people on this blog!

5.  Comments that I think might be selling something to somebody for money will be gone in a flash because I am not going to let people use my comments section to promote something they are selling.

This is part of the Comment Policy for “JOHN’S LYNXX” but be aware that these policies may change at any time with or without notice and the blog author always has the final word as to what gets published on these pages.