Chapter 599

I am on my second day of incorporating the potentially deadly Lupini Bean into my daily diet but I am not really afraid of anything because they eat these things like peanuts or popcorn in some Mid Eastern regions of the world and it doesn’t seem to hurt them at all.

Public Domain Image Wikipedia

I am interested in their high concentration of proteins and fiber. I am also interested in the claim that the Lupini Bean can act as an appetite suppressant and there for assist in losing excess body weight. —- (MORE HERE.)

On a more somber note: My grown son decided it would be nice to sneak into town to attend a festival and to neglect to give old Dad a call and let him know he would be in town. Luckily (or perhaps not so luckily) I was attending the same festival and accidentally came across said son in the company of another individual who has been represented as being my “Grandson.” We passed a few words and went our respective ways and — oh by the way — said son also neglected to “Drop By” the house for a few minutes before returning to his own domicile. I do not remember when I felt more snubbed than at that moment of discovery. Maybe it was all unintended but after being more or less ignored for years at a time (Except when somebody needs something from old Dad) I am beginning to suspect that my value as a family member has long since expired.

More Lupini beans!

Chapter 598

We were designed for abundance and joy:

We all wish that every day we live could be a good day filled with joy and happiness and promise …… with love and kindness and prosperity and above all, good health.

We all have the good days and we tend to focus on them and wish that every day we live could be a really good day.

But the fact of life that none of us can escape is that along with the good days, we are always going to have our share of the ones that are not so good too. We are all going to experience days when nothing seems to go right at all. There is no escaping the bad days. If we are human, then we are going to have them and that is that!

But the saving grace to this eternal truth is that the days we consider to be bad are only as bad as we allow them to be. As humans we are very resilient — more resilient than we might imagine ourselves to be sometimes and when the chips are down, we often find that we are stronger than we think we are — that whatever phantom appears to haunt us, it truly cannot hurt us very much if we set our minds to refusing it the pleasure of messing with us for too long a time.

Defeats are not forever unless we let them be.

I used to say, “No one who has never been sick can ever really understanding what healing is all about.”

No one who has never experienced darkness can truly understand the Light.

It is impossible to truly appreciate abundance unless one has been desperately poor.

The Universe is built upon positives and negatives and without both then there could be no Universe at all.

The day always follows the night and the night always follows the day. It is an endless circle. The whole of Creation is filled with these circles —- these ups and downs — these ins and outs —- these lights and darknesses — these good times and the bad. It is the natural flow of things. We need to learn to co-exist with both the positive and the negative in our life because if we don’t then the whole thing is subject to going down the drain and becoming entirely negative.

Now everyday we should be able to understand that not every day is going to be a good day and there isn’t much we can do about this even though we do tend to be in exactly the very position in life that we choose to be because of the choices we make.

But even though we are assured that not every day is going to be a good day we can take some solace from the fact that if we get up in the morning and find ourselves alive once more, it can’t be all that bad of a day no matter what might happen.

My joy is in knowing that the Sunshine always follows the rain — that the Sun always shines after the storm — that the bad times always have a habit of passing and the good times always manage to come again.


Chapter 597

I have read a lot of nice posts about “Family” lately but I am still a little confused because “Family” is something that completely passed me by and left me sitting on a pile of ashes and memories that I would rather not recall. There is nothing now and never has been anything that even remotely resembles what other people refer to as “Family” in my life and I am definitely not looking for anything like that to materialize at this late stage of the game.

Chapter 596

The Dangers Of Being Too Inactive:

Photo Courtesy Of Pixabay

The older you get the easier it is to fall prey to the notion that you don’t have to be as active as you were when you were still able to see your private parts. Of course, if you are too old then you are probably going to have laid back on your level of activity and, in the same rewarding scenario, you are also probably not going to be able to see your private parts without the aid of somebody to help bend you at the middle or to help you sweep the overhang to one side. LOL! LOL! LOL!

Somebody who probably should have been doing something else once made a “Study” of a group of men to see what would happen if the study group decreased the number of steps they took each day from somewhere around Ten Thousand to a Tenth of that. (10,000 steps down to about a Thousand.). I don’t know what the researchers were hoping to learn from what they were doing but maybe they were getting a shit load of research money and had to find something. I do not know and I said I do not know so no negative references to any specific group of researchers intended.

At any rate, the researchers doing the study reported that after the subject group had decreased the levels of their walking, their organic fat and cholesterol levels skyrocketed to the point where their risk factors for strokes and heart attacks increased dramatically.

It seems that some scientists reportedly believe that the proper amount and intensity of physical exercise has some power to clear the bloodstream of a lot of excess disease-causing fats and sugars in a much quicker time than happens when the exercise level is decreased or when the subjects don’t exercise at all. (I think I will keep on taking the stairs!).

Thankfully, there is a machine at my gym that simulates the actions of climbing flights of stairs. I mean it is the most boring fucking machine imaginable but if it is going to do something to me to help me be healthier then I will tolerate the boredom.

I wish there was a machine at the gym that could simulate the actions and effects of sexual activity but if there was such a thing, it would probably be either illegal or dangerous in one way or the other. Besides, if there was such a machine in a gym, and you had to pay money to use it, then the machine could probably be considered to be some kind of whore and then you would be involved in a “Prostituted” scenario — and that could not have a great outcome either.

Imagine the blackmail that could be made possible if some creep were to snap a few photos of somebody “Doin’ It” with a “Whore Machine!”  That could get ancy quickly.

“They” (The ever-present and most convenient “They” — I have often wondered who “They” are ….. They tell me that if I can squeeze my ass cheeks together for 30 minutes at a time or if I can run, walk, jog, or shuffle along for at least 30 minutes a day, I am going to meet all the requirements for my daily exercise.

Of course, I am sure it is not the same for everybody and as usual I am going to remind everybody to talk this shit over with your personal physician before you go off the deep end and start changing any of your daily routines.

Read my Medical Disclaimer again — RIGHT HERE.

Chapter 595

John Steinbeck I am not — Let that be made as abundantly clear as it should be obvious!

background-3062011_1280 (1)

But this is a picture of a beach and a conch shell in case you are on of those rare individuals who have never left your house since you were a child.

A lot of people seem to love going to beaches.

Beaches are wonderful places to sit obscurely and watch half-naked ass walking around.

Beaches are wonderful places to learn the lesson that in Modern America, bitches on beaches can run around nearly stark naked but if you are a guy you dare not expose more than an inch of flesh somewhere in the area of the calf and ankle. Double standard hypocrisy of a nation bathed in false moral bullshit!

Beaches are great places to get sand between your toes, in your eyes, in your ears, in your ass and up your nose.

Beaches are great places to occasionally find vendors hawking month-old hotdog sandwiches for outrageously-inflated prices and which have about as questionable a safety record as walking a tight wire above Niagara Falls.

Beaches are wonderful places to meet all kinds of quirky characters or to display your own character in the off-chance that you might be a quirky character yourself.

On any given day there is a one-in-a-million chance that you might discover a lichen-encrusted, half-decayed corpse of either some huge unfortunate sea creature that has washed ashore or some unfortunate sailor for whom somebody has never given up the search.

Beaches are great places for beach bums and surfers and for panhandlers and perverts.

Beaches are also wonderful places to blog about when you have a half-assed blog that very few people ever read and when it is too damned early in the morning to be out of bed but you are out of bed and you need to be doing something other than sitting idly and scratching your ass.

If you go to a big enough beach, there is every chance that you can score a pet sand crab as a pet (But check your local laws to see if it is legal to own one first) or a great place to score a case of the other kind of crabs if you make the wrong choice in social engagements.

Chapter 594

My Blue Jay Came Today


I looked out my kitchen window very early this morning, just as the Sun was coming up, and there he was ….. sitting on a wooden fence with a peanut in his mouth.  I was so happy I cried!  I have been wanting a Blue Jay to come and eat peanuts for a long time now and this morning …… there he was!  Joy unimaginable!