Privacy Policies

Privacy Policy

 “JOHN’S LYNXX” respects your privacy and I do not ever solicit personal information for publication on this blog and I do not sell or offer for sale to other entities any of the personal information of anybody who visits this blog. If I see any reader of this blog attempting to place personal information on these pages I will do my best to delete it as soon after discovery as possible.

I am not selling anything on the pages of this blog and therefore do not solicit or ask for any kind of credit card information or any other information about individual or organizational finances. This blog is a free public and patriotic service and I do not accept money for blogging and I am never compensated for mentioning any organization, company or product or service in the pages of this blog.

I am never responsible for any content of external websites. If you are going to have any dealings with external websites than it is your responsibility to make sure you know and understand the privacy policies of any such websites.

While cookies may be used in connection with this website (“JOURNALS OF A MAN NAMED JOHN”) I am not familiar with how the process works but I guarantee you that I never ever try to use cookies to collect personal information from anybody.

Everybody knows there are risks to using the Internet these days. I do the very best I know how to make sure that nobody’s personal information becomes compromised on this website or that it is ever published or used on this website but if you, the reader, share any such information here on this site of mine by some strange accident then understand that I cannot be responsible in any way, shape or form for that sharing or that information and I will do my best to make sure this kind of thing never happens. Still, with the strangeness of the Internet these days I cannot absolutely guarantee anything!

While we are on this subject, I would like to mention also that other websites and services have their own privacy practices, procedures and policies and I cannot be responsible for any of them under any circumstance whatsoever.

If you have any questions at all about any privacy policies, practices or procedures of any other websites besides my own here, I suggest — I strongly suggest that you get in touch with those other websites and ask them about such things yourself.